TMIT Global operates the world’s longest running and largest Patient Safety Community of Practice in the world. In its second decade of delivering free monthly webinars, it has delivered more than 300,000 hours of continuing education. The TMIT National Research Test Bed website is Global participants and collaborators go to which was established to communicate the work globally without a heavily U.S. centric approach. This was requested by our non-U.S. partners who have uniquely challenging needs. All certifications are delivered through CareUniversity®. As the Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Patient Safety, Dr. Denham recruited many authors and reviewers who drove the impact of new innovations. One publication fostered reported on mortality reviews pioneered at the Mayo Clinic.  This led to a lifesaving global collaborative.

More than 25 years ago, DNA was a new technology that began being used to prove the innocence of people falsely accused of crimes. The “new DNA” of electronic records now provides a terrific opportunity to verify the honesty and innocence of healthcare professionals and staff. It also can protect patients and families who are discredited by organizations during malpractice negotiations. The Healthcare Innocence project is developing case studies to help caregivers and patients clear their names and restore their reputations. One initiative are The Red Cover Reports for Healthcare that mirror the NTSB approach to learn from accidents after aviation and transportation incidents.

A leading cause of death of children and adults is “failure to rescue” before emergency services arrive. The Med Tac Bystander Rescue Care training program equips the public with the know how and skills to rescue anyone for eight of the most common such emergencies before professional first responders arrive. The training includes care of sudden cardiac arrest with CPR/AED use, severe bleeding, choking and drowning, anaphylaxis, and prevention of drive-over accidents and harm from bullying.  Developed as an outgrowth of work at Texas Medical Center on domestic terrorism and active shooter events, it has been guided by collaboration with leaders at MD Anderson Cancer Center and world class clinicians.

There is a growing epidemic of harm to honest caregivers, researchers, educators, and patients and their families through disinformation and misinformation generated by bad actors to discredit them for financial reasons. After Dr. Denham personally experienced such treatment, he developed the Global Threat Safety Solutions enterprise which is described in detail later in this document. It targets reducing vulnerability of individuals through education, document verification, and insurance backed legal and crisis management services to prevent and reduce harm to honest individuals and their organizations.

CareUniversity® integrates a state-of-the-art learning management system with features to meet the licensing requirements of every major category of healthcare professional and worker. The content is continuously curated by world class physicians, nurses, pharmacists, educators, researchers, and lawyers. It serves all of the TMIT Global initiatives and is the platform that serves Global Threat Safety Solutions. It has been developed to provide online training for patients and the more than 90 million U.S. home family caregivers who are increasingly involved in the home care of major diseases.